My Experience as an Intern in Lawbotics

Maria, intern at Lawbotics
Maria intern at Lawbotics

Joining the Lawbotics team as an intern has been an amazing experience! Before I tell you more about it, you should get to know my background, to understand the lens through which I see the company every day. I have been studying Psychology at IE University in Madrid for three years, and the past semester I had the opportunity to be an exchange student in BI. I have always been interested in organisational psychology, trying to understand the underlying dynamics that shape an organisation and contribute to employee’s job satisfaction, motivation, productivity and wellbeing. The role I have in Lawbotics is to provide help with Human Resources. This encompasses responsibilities related to training, personnel recruitment and selection, and ensuring the wellbeing of the employees in the company. I will also provide guidance on trying to understand the customers from a psychological perspective, among other major tasks.

As the new psychologist in Lawbotics, I thought the most important element I should focus on first is one that heavily determines the organisational environment: the company culture. This term is described by as a “A blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time .” I conducted a qualitative research with members of the company to submerge myself into the culture and figure out the key aspects that shape it.

Agile Method at Lawbotics
Using agile method

What I found out surprised me. It is a culture where everyone enjoys what they do, one with key values that promote a safe environment and allows everyone to be themselves (something that is not always present in companies). Employees express that they really want to be there and that they are very happy with their jobs; to the extent that one of the employees stated that Lawbotics “has given me the optimistic view that you can have a perfect job. You don’t have to be longing for the weekend, you can actually enjoy spending half of your life somewhere.”

The values that they share are some that are key to having a healthy workplace. These include a high level of trust for each other, honesty, transparency and a very safe environment. What caught my attention the most is that it is a company in which you bring your “whole self” to the company, not just your working facet. You don’t have to limit yourself to hiding parts of you, or behaving only in a serious manner if you are a funny person outside work. There is a high level of acceptance among each other and a very inclusive environment, with no room for judging, which allows everyone to behave how they truly are, allowing them to thrive at work. They are aware of the areas for improvement, and most importantly they have a growth mindset, which allows them to grow and learn beyond their areas of knowledge.

The working standards are high, people are expected to work hard, but the working hours are very flexible, which provides a lot of comfort for all the employees, including myself! People that work in Lawbotics express they really chose to be there, they are not working because they have to, but because they want to be there. When I asked one of the employees to describe how people are at work, they said: “We have a good time and we get a lot of stuff done” which can describe quite well how thriving the environment is.

“We have a good time and we get a lot of stuff done”

The drive that unites everyone is that they truly believe in their product, they are optimistic and willing to work hard to succeed in their mission: making legal services more accessible, affordable and transparent. They are eager to leave an impact in the industry and ambitious enough to know their vision for the future is to be the leading company in the sector.

Overall I found out that the employees at Lawbotics are very motivated, hard working and engaged. Carnegie states that “companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%”, which not only indicates how important engagement it is for a company to succeed, but it also tells us a lot about the prosperous future of Lawbotics. I am very happy to be part of a team where you can have fun, learn exponentially and be your true self. My view of Lawbotics through understanding the corporate culture is that it is a startup that has fundamental pillars to thrive, strong team characteristics important for flourishing, and a lot of success is yet to come!

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